Identification Mission for Cat BaIsland’s General Urban Master Plan, phase 2011 – 2025 with a Vision up to 2050 project HaiPhong, Vietnam ADB 68,000 USD Jun – Dec 2012 Worked with SCE Group, France

The specific objective of the project is to promote Cat Ba Island economic development more sustainability including sustainable urban/rural infrastructure (water supply, waste water treatment, solid waste management, and road). The project covers: (i) reviewing all previous urban master plans/urban and rural infrastructure master plans in the Hai Phong regions and Cat Hai districts, particular Cat Ba island/Catba town; (ii) Reviewing and assessing policies, regulations, legal frameworks, and Institutions at central and local levels in according with master planning sectors/infrastructure management including infrastructure services and Environment issues; (iii) Developing Cat Ba Island to become a nationally and internationally recognized touristic spot as well as a recognized seafood production spot; (iv) Ensure Cat Ba Island integration into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List