Health Care in the Central Highlands IIII – T1 Consulting Firm-HICH II project Vietnam ADB 1,000,000 USD Jul – Dec 2013 Worked with ConseilSante S.A, France

The proposed project will improve the health status of the people of the Central Highlands region, one of the poorest, most remote and underserved areas of Viet Nam. The project will expand the health services network, to provide greater access to services and to expand as well as the health training network to ensure and sustain the supply of locally trained health human resources.
The provincial health departments and the MoH have identified the proposed project components to be covered under the ensuing loan Project. It is required to conduct a project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) to review these requested components and develop a Project suitable for ADB funding in terms of technical, financial, economic, institutional, sector policy, legal, and safeguard contexts, in conjunction with the country partnership.

The ensuing Project will comprise the following outputs: 1) Upgraded facilities and equipment, 2) Human resources developed, 3) Financing of health services strengthened and 4) Management of health services improved