HCM city Environment Sanitation Project – Package: Preparation of reference design bidding documents for the WWTP HCM city, VN WB 1,077,000 USD 2014 – 2015 Associated with CEEM, Germany

The second phase HCMCES-2 project is a logical extension of HCMCES-1. It will achieve the overall project objectives and make full use of the completed phase 1 works. It will include the following main components:

Component 1: Construction of an interceptor pipe (8 km) between the East Bank Shaft (EBS) that receives water from the pumping station constructed under Phase 1 of the project and the wastewater treatment plant. Preparation for this component will be carried out through the PP-03 consulting contract, including detailed geological surveys to understand the soil conditions and topographical surveys. Provisions shall also be made for the interceptor to collect wastewater from the District 2 (D2) area.

Component 2: Construction of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the D2 area. Preparation for this will be supported through the PP-04 consulting contract;

Component 3 – Sewerage in District 2: This component will support the construction of sewers (primary, secondary, and tertiary), house connections from homes to the sewer networks, and storm water drains in the District 2 area where separated systems will be constructed (storm water drains separate from sewers). Preparation for this will be supported through the PP-01 consulting contract;

Component 4 – Improving Sanitation Management and Project Implementation:   Five broad areas of support are proposed for this component which include capacity building, sanitation studies, IEC (information, education and communication) to promote hygienic sanitation practices, fiduciary activities (Environmental Monitoring, Social Safeguards Monitoring and Financial Audits) and  training/equipment for the SCFC.”